Barbara BurkeBarbara is available for one to one coaching to deepen your connection to your original beautiful Divine essence. Learn how to remove blocks to living from that place of personal power and joy. Reclaim your happiness, joy and loveability! You will experience:

  • • Greater clarity about the truth of your magnificent Divine self
  • • Self-Acceptance
  • • A deeper experience of self compassion
  • • Tools to support you in strengthening your connection to your authentic self



Barbara is an exceptional teacher and coach. She provides me the support and wisdom I need to keep going deeper than I ever anticipated I could in finding self-love and reaching inner peace. Her perspective and gentle nudging help me to see who I am and who I always hoped I could become but didn’t know how. I leave every coaching session having gained clarity about an issue, insight about myself, and a better understanding of how to live in Love and Light. Barbara has a gift and I am honored to learn from her.

Pam Krause
President and CEO of Calgary Sexual Health


I began coaching with Barbara 6 years ago at a point in my life where I was feeling spiritually bereft. My soul was hurting and I had lost touch with any sense of connection. Barbara is the embodiment of what she teaches and I instinctively knew she could be a guide on my journey back to God and myself. I have learned and continue to be reminded that I am Divine, that it is safe to trust, that I am never alone and that I am connected to a loving power far greater than me. The results since beginning this journey have been amazing!! I have created the life I dreamed and I live “Divine Gratitude” each day. I love and use frequently my “I Am Divine” cards but more important is the ongoing love and support I receive from Barbara. The light in her eyes and the beauty of her smile are merely a hint of the joy and wisdom contained within. Whether you are on a journey of healing, preparing for a great leap forward in your life or seeking a greater sense of connection, coaching with Barbara is quite simply “Divine”.

Tammy Hahn
EFT Practitioner  


My healing journey began in 2006 when I went to the Hoffman Institute. I finally found peace and understanding with my past and learned to balance the four aspects of my being. Soon after the healing began I realized that my journey was ongoing and that I sometimes needed support. I was blessed to start my coaching calls with Barbara in 2007. With her constant love, support and patience, she saw that beautiful being that was hidden and stuck for so many years and helped me open my beautiful wings and shine. She helped grow as an individual, taught me to trust and believe in myself. I finally found my inner strength, my power, and my voice. I am now a successful Aboriginal female school principal working for and with my community. Thank you Barbara for all your love and support!

Judy Washipabano