I Am Divine Cards

I Am Divine

Affirming our Divine Nature in Everyday Life

Connect to your Higher Self by using this exquisite 52-card set of Divine affirmations. Created by Barbara Burke, I Am Divine is a powerful tool to add to your daily practice. Each card is beautifully illustrated to reflect the inherent energy of each affirmation, and an inspiring meditation invites readers to embrace that Divine quality in their lives.

"Barbara's "I Am Divine" card series are indeed Luminous Creations. Each card is beautiful and spellbinding and comes with the most articulate and easy to follow meditation. Her work is heartfelt and healing and has been created with so much love and intention. Her "I Am Divine" boxed set makes a beautiful gift for any one you love and wish well for." Kim Berube - Executive Director Lacombe Chamber of Commerce

I Am Divine Order


I Am Divine OrderIn Divine Order everything happens at precisely the right time and the right place. There appears to be an invisible web that pulls all the pieces together just when they are needed.

Think back to a time in your life when you were looking for a solution to a problem. Unexpectedly, you ran into the person who could give you exactly the help you required. Seeming coincidence or Divine Order?

When life is flowing and these synchronistic events happen, we feel bliss and welcome Divine Order. There are times in life however when things seem chaotic and you may ask, “Where is the Divine in all of this?” Be assured, Divine Order is present there as well. Often in retrospect, we are able to see the beauty of events happening as they did. Often the lessons we learn in the seeming chaos, are exactly what we need to take our next step in our own personal growth. Divine Order is ever present.

When we can rest in Divine Order, there is a sense of deep peace knowing that all is happening as it should be. There is no need to “make things happen.”

If you receive this card today, look at your life today through the lens of Divine Order. Step back and allow Divine Order to show herself.

I Am Divine Healer


I Am Divine HealerEach one of us was created from the essence of The Divine Healer and therefore we have the gift of being healers.

Much of our journey to wholeness is about healing the wounds that obscure our true essence. We long to feel the Oneness with our Creator and in order to reconnect with that Oneness, we must heal the wounds and defenses that keep us separate. Healing the separation will always connect you to your true Divine Essence.

Every “healer” knows that the essential healing that needs to take place is that of their own Spirit. It is through our own personal healing that we are then able to help others to heal.

The most powerful healing salve is the power of love. When we can truly love every aspect of ourselves, we are healed. When I feel my heart full of self-love, I contact my own Divinity.

What aspects of your being longs to be healed? What fears, beliefs, or self-imposed limitations cry out for healing? Do you have an illness on the physical plane that reflects an inner wound that wants your attention? What in your relationship to the Divine asks for healing?

Bring love to any and all of these areas. Feel the Divine’s loving presence surround you and hold you in a field of unconditional love. Learn to hold yourself in that place as well.

In healing ourselves, we heal the world around us. We are Divine Healers.